Platform usage (Consumption)

Understand how computes consumption.

To help track and manage usage on our platform, we measure consumption in credits.
A credit is defined as one of the following:

  1. An enriched row
  2. A generated row
  3. A predicted row

Consumption can occur through downloads, API calls, or batch jobs.

Platform Consumption Breakdown

Enrich Module: When you upload tabular data to the platform and enrich it with external data, each enriched row will consume one credit upon export.

Generate Module: Data generated based on your search criteria will consume one credit per generated row upon export.

Predict Module: Uploading tabular data for predictions (Using the predict step) will consume one credit for each predicted row upon export.

Consumption operation

Consumption occurs through three primary methods:


Consumption is counted only after the following operations. Recipe operations on their own doesn't trigger consumption.

Downloads: When you download enriched, generated, or predicted data from the platform, the consumption will be counted in credits accordingly.

API Calls: Consumption will also be counted in credits when you make API calls to enrich, generate, or predict data.

Batch Jobs: If you're running scheduled or ad-hoc batch jobs for enrichment, generation, or prediction, the consumption will be counted in credits based on the number of rows processed.