ExactInsights: Salesforce Integration Field Mapping

  1. From your Profile menu , click on CRM Integrations
  2. On the "CRM Integration" screen , select the SalesForce integration you would like to map fields for and click on "Set Fields Mapping"

  1. ExactInsights can export data to salesforce for the following objects:
    1. Account
    2. Contact
    3. Lead

  2. When exporting contact data, ExactInsight can export information to the "Leads" or "Contacts" Objects. Selecting the object the contacts will be exported to is required per integration.

  1. Use the Fields Mapping UI to map all the fields you would like Exact Insights to export data to. Mandatory fields for each object are marked in Orange.
  2. For custom fields, it is possible to determine the name of the column in Salesforce to which data will be exported.
  1. Mark the "Allow Override" checkbox to enable field updates in case it already exists in Salesforce and contains values.
  2. Click "Save"
  1. The following columns will be created implicitly by ExactInsights when exporting data to Salesforce and do not require mapping:
    1. Explorium Enrichment Date (Date)
    2. Lead Source (Value = "Explorium")